Direct consultations

Direct (in-person) nutrition consultations are available in Tennessee, Indiana, and Massachusetts. To request a direct consultation, contact your nearest hospital and fill out the appropriate client intake form. For pet owners who are unable to bring their pets in for a direct in-person consultation, their primary care veterinarians can request a remote consultation.

What can I expect with a direct (in-person) consultation?

To set up a consultation, please complete the following steps:

  • Pet owners – Complete an intake form for your nearest hospital.

  • Pet’s regular veterinarian – Send the pet’s medical records to the appropriate hospital.

During the appointment, the nutritionist will perform a physical examination, review your pet's medical and diet history, and discuss nutritional goals, diet options, and any questions you might have. 

Following the appointment, a customized nutrition plan is provided to the pet owner and regular veterinarian. This plan includes the following information:

  • Nutritional goals

  • Daily calorie goal and treat allowance

  • Recommendations for commercial diets, supplements, and treats

  • Formulation of a home-cooked diet recipe can be added as an additional service